Evadne Price (Helen Zenna Smith) on Wikipedia

So thankful for the work of George Simmers for giving us a clearer look at Price’s life.

Great War Fiction

A few weeks ago I did some Wikipedia training at Sheffield Hallam University. Since then I’ve occasionally tinkered with editing some pages, but today I thought I’d get down to seriously sorting out the page on Evadne Price, which was something of a mess.
I gave a paper on Price (alias Helen Zenna Smith) at the recent Marginalised Mainstream conference, and it was an odd paper to write. I’d given in my abstract months before, and knew what I was going to say, but as I got down to the writing, I looked more closely at the record and discovered more and more ambiguities and contradictions there.
At first I had believed Price’s own account of her life (as given in a 1977 interview). I certainly thought Wikipedia must have got it wrong in suggesting that she was born in Australia in 1888, when the Oxford Dictionary of…

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