German Art from the Great War

Currently, I’m sitting in a Dr. Julius Ruff’s History of WWI class at MU and I’m surprised by my lack of knowledge of the Eastern Front. My knowledge, from books and media, has always focused on the Western Front, but there’s so much to learn! Luckily, last week at Marquette University, Dr. Irene Gunther (Honors Faculty, University of Houston) gave a talk on German art from the Great War. Her presentation included works by Otto Dix (featured below). I had never seen these before and I was struck by how haunting the work is. Besides All Quiet on the Western Front, we don’t seem to get a lot of the German perspective – we forget that German soldiers were human too. Perhaps the Western propaganda to dehumanize the “Hun” won the media war, but Dix’s remind me that innocents on BOTH sides suffered.

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1924.006-WoundedSoldier 1924.026-DyingSoldier 1924.002-BuriedAlive 1934-Flanders 1920-war-cripples